Swift equivalent for ex19.py

Python example:

def cheese_and_crackers(cheese_count, boxes_of_crackers):
    print(f"You have {cheese_count} cheeses!")
    print(f"You have {boxes_of_crackers} boxes of crackers!")
    print("Man thats enough for a party!")
    print("Get a blanket.\n")

> cheese_and_crackers(22, 33)

Swift equivalent:

func cheese_and_crackers(cheese_count: Int, boxes_of_crackers: Int) {
    print("You have \(cheese_count) cheeses!")
    print("You have \(boxes_of_crackers) boxes of crackers!")
    print("Man thats enough for a party!")
    print("Get a blanket.\n")

> cheese_and_crackers(cheese_count: 22, boxes_of_crackers: 33)

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Satanic music video: Animals (Maroon 5)

Screen-ShotYet another music video that confirms the music industry and Hollywood’s obsession as worshippers of the dark forces.

Animal carcasses (a staple of devil worship) are a prime feature of the video, including disturbing scenes where Maroon Five’s Adam Levine is shown stalking and peering over a sleeping woman, and graphic scenes where Levine and the actress are depicted having sex while covered in the blood of dead animals -is simply vile and grotesque.

To be honest, the only things missing from the clip are horned demons, inverted crosses, and pentagram’s.

View the Youtube clip in all it’s glory, click this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpgTC9MDx1o.